FAQ Candidates

Q. What are candidate introductions?

A. Introductions/referrals are the best way to get jobs. Instead of applying to jobs which can be ineffective, we introduce you to our member employers that have joined Ntroduced introductions job platform. We email your profile to employers that have a job match. They are expecting to see Ntroduced candidate profiles that match their jobs so they can contact you with interview requests, not the other way around.

Q. Can others see my profile on the Sales Club besides me?

A. No. Your profile is private. It will be seen by select Sales Club paid employers only. You can choose your current employer in your profile so they can’t see you.

Q. Does Ntroduced cost anything to candidates?

A. No, we are a free job platform for all candidates.

Q. Is Ntroduced a jobsite? Or is it an introductory job platform?

A. Ntroduced is an introductory job platform that has employers come to you with interview requests. Simply fill out a profile and wait for interview requests. The jobs listings page is just a resource provided to our users to see the Boston job scene’s most desirable jobs and companies all in one place.

Q. What types of companies use Ntroduced to find salespeople?

A. Ntroduced attracts top companies in Boston. We specifically seek out companies that are most desirable to candidates for our platform.

Q. I’m a recent college graduate that wants a sales job. Can I join Ntroduced to get jobs too?

A. Absolutely. Ntroduced has many employers that hire passionate entry-level salespeople.

Q. What happens after I fill out my Sales Club profile?

A. Ntroduced believes the best way to get jobs is through introductions. Our job platform sends your profile to Sales Club member employers who then view your profile and contact you for interview requests. We let employers come to you.

Q. How will I know when a company is interested in me?

A. Either Ntroduced will contact you to set up an interview for interested employers or they will contact you, likely via email, for interview requests directly.

Q. Are all candidates approved to be sent to your employers for interview requests?

A. We approve all candidates that are a match to our member employer’s jobs so you only get contacted for relevant opportunities.

Q. Can I delete my account on Ntroduced?

A. Yes you can delete your profile at any time. You will find the delete profile button on your profile page.

Q. Will employers avoid reaching out to me if my desired OTE is too high?

A. You will receive more interview requests with a realistic OTE at market rate.

Q. Am I required to respond to companies asking me to interview? What if I don’t like the company?

A. We encourage all candidates to be respectful and respond back to all interview requests with a yes or a no. We want to make the job search is more transparent for everyone.