FAQ Employers

Q. How is Ntroduced job platform different from other job resources?

A. Ntroduced attracts a unique audience of qualified salespeople in the Boston marketplace. 90% of job seekers prefer to get jobs through an introduction. We facilitate this introduction process through our unique platform that expedites hires for employers. Candidates that otherwise might be unresponsive are now in reach.

Q. Why should we use Ntroduced to hire our sales talent?

A. Ntroduced delivers vetted, interview-ready sales candidates that might otherwise be unresponsive to your interview requests. You’ll get other important information on each candidate including their current performance and % of quota, where they are in their interview process, and what their desired OTE is so you can contact only the most relevant talent. We speed up the interview process at a far lower cost than other resources.

Q. What open sales roles can Ntroduced platform help us with?

A. Most of our sales talent are looking for Business Development, Account Executive, Account Manager, Customer Success roles and more. Contact us for specialized candidate requests.

Q. Is Ntroduced a jobsite or an introductory job platform?

A. Ntroduced is an introductory job platform that gives candidates what they want; introductions to their next job. The jobs listings page is simply a resource for them to stay on top of the top companies and jobs in Boston. Our job listings also helps drive traffic to your career page.

Q. How much does Ntroduced platform cost?

A. We know how expensive recruiter fees and other job resources can be. We’ve slashed the cost to hire with our unique Unlimited Hires for One Yearly Fee option. This is great for companies that hire 2 or more salespeople per year. Depending on how many hires you make per year, our platform can save you more than 95% of what recruiter’s charge and time-to-hire is slashed by about 50% since we deliver interview-ready candidates. We‘re a tool to help your recruiters hire faster and with more choices of vetted talent. No more sourcing.

Q. Is Ntroduced available in other cities other than Boston?

A. Not yet but we expect to launch in other cities soon!

Q. Are there any success fees or recruiters involved with your unlimited hire option?

A. No recruiters, No success fees. We simply let you interview and hire without hassles. We have non-commissioned Account Managers to assist you when needed.

Q. Can my co-workers use the platform too?

A. Yes. We don’t restrict the number of users. We’re trying to make the talent acquisition process less expensive and more accessible.

Q. How can I track the candidates I receive each week?

A. We let you favorite candidates and archive candidates to build a talented sales candidate pipeline for later use. You can take team notes for yourself and other team c-workers to view on each candidate.

Q. When can I expect to see new candidates in my candidate feed?

A. As candidates fill out profiles, we vet them, then send to your dashboard feed for your review. We email you new candidates each Monday at 8am and Wednesday at 8am. Simply click on the email and it will take you to your dashboard. You will see fresh candidates at anytime of the day and week every week.

Q. Can I contact candidates directly or do I have to use your Account managers?

A. We provide you with all the candidate information for you to contact immediately. We are happy to set up interviews for you on your behalf as well.

Q. How long are candidate shown on my feed?

A. All sales candidates remain in your main feed for 4 weeks. Then they are automatically archived for you to access at any time in the future.

Q. How responsive are my interview-ready candidates in my candidate feed?

A. The candidates in your feed signed up and filled out a profile on Ntroduced with the intent that employers will contact them for interview requests. Companies that move quickly on candidates entering their feed have a highly likelihood of hiring them.